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Basic Evidence of Conspiracy
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Anyone honest who looks at the data in any depth will see how solid the evidence of conspiracy is. There are many who will take one tiny piece of evidence after another and attempt to explain it away, and indeed there are plenty of 'myths' that have grown up around the case. But the truth is knowable, and in print, much of it in the government's own sources.

What Eyewitnesses Saw

What was the evidence that made people suspect a conspiracy in the first place? The following are a few original witness statements, filed immediately after the assassination. See what all the fuss was about for yourself.

The Magic Bullet

One of the biggest lies ever foisted onto the American people was the "single bullet theory", a concoction by Arlen Specter (currently chair of the Senate Intelligence Oversight Committee), who asked us to believe that a shot was made from a sixth story window, entered the back of Kennedy yet rose and flew out the neck, altering it's trajectory to cause seven wounds in Kennedy and Governor Connally in the seat ahead of Kennedy.

For years, critics have regaled audiences with the "official" version of what happened and it's absurdly changing path. But the story of the bullet's discovery is just as suspicious. Read the testimony of the man who found the bullet and decide for yourself whether this bullet came from either man.


Ice Bullets to Explain the Evidence?

The Warren Commission evaluated the evidence and "saw no evidence" of conspiracy. But the Warren Commission refused to view the autopsy photos, and could feel comfortably saying they "saw" no evidence of conspiracy, although they clearly heard plenty.

In the 70's, the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA) was convened to investigate the assassinations of President Kennedy and the Reverend Martin Luther King. Read the HSCA's own evidence and decide for yourself if their conclusion that said although there WAS a conspiracy, there was also still a magic bullet, makes any sense.

Did the bullet in the back go through to the neck? Read the evidence and decide for yourself. Snippets of testimony from doctors, FBI Special Agents and others. FBI agent O'Neill thought perhaps an "Ice" bullet had been used to explain the wound in the back that entered, but made no exit!


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