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Like cold fusion, antigravity is considered by some to be a "fringe" science that no serious physicist would investigate. But there have been several recent experiments that show that electromagnetic fields due have an effect with respect to gravity, and that such a force can be used to create anti-gravity devices. Also like cold fusion, this science is still very much in its infancy. Or so we've been told. In Nick Cook's book (The Hunt for Zero Point) the case is made strongly that the American government has long been in the business of antigravity research and has likely had successes in that regard. That would explain why it is put down in the media, which is so completely government reliant. If the technology is real, keeping it secret gives the American military a distinct advantage over other military forces. Read and decide for yourself what the real history of this scientific subject reveals!

The term "electrogravitics" is often used instead of antigravity to describe the same areas of research. Bear that in mind when searching for information on this subject.

Tesla and other scientists of his time postulated an "ether" that was filled with energy. Modern science has found evidence of this, and calls it "zero point energy." Because electromagnetic generation sufficient to shield an object from gravity takes an extraordinary amount of energy, the hunt for antigravity is tied into the hunt for a limitless supply of energy. If we could pull energy directly from air and space, we would have that unlimited source of energy necessary to make possible the commercial development of antigravity devices.



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