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The following articles pertain to facts surrounding the Watergate break-in, and the other events that led to not only Nixon resigning, but three successive investigations into the intelligence agencies, the CIA in particular.

The link I most want to give you doesn't exist. Hands down, the best book on the whole Watergate episode is the fascinating and now hard to find book by Jim Hougan, called Secret Agenda (Random House, 1984.) Poke through your local library or browse used bookstores. This book gives you a large chunk of very important, and very real history. Finding a boook like this is as rare as finding a four leaf clover.

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Another Look at Bob Woodward

This article is from Probe magazine, the magazine of CTKA, from an issue devoted entirely to Watergate, published in January of 1996 in the swirl of controversy over Oliver Stone's film Nixon. The article is based largely on Adrian Havill's research from his book Deep Truth. For a recent update on this theme, find Robert Sam Anson's 1996 George magazine piece on Woodward.

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Watergate Exhibit at the National Archives

You can view the actual log that was confiscated from the Watergate complex the night of the burglary, among other items. Not extensive, but interesting.

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The Silent Coup Web Site

Ultimately, the result of the Watergate affair was due to many different causes. Silent Coup details and interesting part of the story.

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Watergate, 25 Years Later

This is the "official version" for those who don't know much about the case. The official version, however, seems to be the cover story for a much more sinister effort (see the blurb at the top of the page and read the book!) This site is provided by the Washington Post, and revists their thesis and original articles on the subject.

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Hollywoodstein: The Cover-Up that Worked

This article was written back in 1975 for the East Side Express, by John C. Klotz, Attorney at Law. A very insightful piece.

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