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The following articles pertain to facts surrounding the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Many people, even those who believe there was a conspiracy to kill John Kennedy, have not believed that this assassination was the result of a conspiracy. But did Sirhan Sirhan kill Kennedy? The evidence does not support that particular theory. Read and learn.

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Sirhan and the RFK Assassination Part 1:
The Grand Illusion

Robert Kennedy was shot just behind the right ear by a gun positioned no further than an inch or so away from his head. Sirhan Sirhan, the convicted assassin, was in front of Robert Kennedy and all the witnesses placed the gun muzzle no closer than a foot to Kennedy's head. But it doesn't stop there. This is a very important case, and Sirhan has an appeal pending before the California Supreme Court to have an evidentiary hearing. Read about the new evidence of Sirhan's innocence and about one of the most elaborate frames in history.

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Sirhan and the RFK Assassination Part II:
Rubik's Cube

This is the follow-on article to the above piece. If Sirhan didn't kill Kennedy, then who did? Why? How was the cover-up so completely effective? Read the evidence and decide for yourself whether Sirhan deserves to be in jail or whether he was himself a strange victim of this case.

One of the best books ever written on this case is The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy : The Conspiracy and Coverup by William Turner and Jonn Christian. You can help

support this site by ordering this book through Amazon.com.

"Sirhan Sirhan was out of position and out of range and therefore could not have shot Kennedy."

The following is the statement of Sirhan Sirhan's former lawyer, Lawrence Teeter, released on the 30th anniversary of the murder of Robert Kennedy.

The assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy shortly after midnight on June 5, 1968, changed the course of world history. Senator Kennedy had promised to end the war in Vietnam if elected as President, as seemed likely to happen following his victory in the June 4 California Democratic Presidential primary election.

At first glance, the RFK case seems open and shut. After all, Sirhan Sirhan was arrested with a gun in hand at the scene. There the simplicity ends, however. There is an abundance of evidence which refutes the official version of this crime.

1. Sirhan was out of position and out of range and therefore could not have shot Robert Kennedy. The Senator was shot from behind, but all witnesses place Sirhan in front of him in a face-to-face position. All witnesses placed Sirhan's gun at between 1.5 and 5 feet from Senator Kennedy, but the autopsy findings clearly establish that the Senator was shot from a weapon held somewhere between less than 1 inch and no more than three inches away. All witnesses describe Sirhan's gun as having been held horizontally in a normal standing position, but the autopsy report describes all bullet tracks in Senator Kennedy's body as angled sharply upward, as though fired from below.

2. An armed security guard with strong anti-Kennedy views admitted that he was standing directly in contact with the Senator to the rear, that he dropped down when the shooting began and that he then pulled his gun. One witness ignored by police claimed he saw the guard fir. The guard's weapon was never checked. Meanwhile, the one person who photographed the assassination, Jamie Scott Enyart, was tackled and arrested at gun point. His camera was seized by police, and his photographs have never been recovered. Los Angeles Police secretly burned 2, 410 assassination-related photographs in a county hospital incinerator long before Sirhan's trial. A Los Angeles jury later awarded Enyart a substantial verdict for the loss of his photographs.


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